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The key to a successful video is in our understanding your story and how you want to tell it. That is why we spend the time to get to know you, your business and your audience. Leave us a brief message and we will schedule a free consultation with absolutly no obligations attached.

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Jeffrey Goodey

Executive Producer : Director : Writer

Jeffrey has been telling stories since he was a young child. After watching The Empire Strikes Back at age 8 he started on his first production. An epic space adventure full of amazing alien life. With the cast and story ready young Jeffrey set out to make his film, however budget constraints and dinner prevented the project from ever going into production. His first completed work a few years later was an hour long fishing special which received rave reviews. It has been his passion ever since to tell stories through motion picture. Jeffrey is now an award winning filmmaker that has been recongnized on many occasions for his outstanding work. He has directed productions from coast to coast and has been commisioned on projects for some of the largest websites in the world.

Dezi Barr


Dezi Barr has been a producer in Salt Lake City for over 2 years. As soon as her feet hit the ground, she took off running and hasn’t stopped and has since gained recognition as a growing and well respected producer who is proactive and takes pride in every project she takes on. She is highly motivated to help talented filmmakers tell stories that are not often given a voice. She produced two award winning short films ‘Doll Face’ and ‘InTimore Veritas’ in which both won Best Film and Best Director, ‘Doll Face’ also won Best Cinematography. In her spare time you'll find her on sets watching, learning, scoping out her next move and making connections that she can utilize on her next project.

Alek Sabin

Director : DP : Writer

Alek never feels more at home than when he is on set with a camera in his hands. Having been a part of the Utah film scene for several years, Alek has worked on productions big and small. His philosophy is that regardless of if you are using flashlights and a VHS camera or 10-ton grip trucks and 3 camera teams, the principles of building an image are exactly the same. Aside from his film endeavors, Alek is also the greatest foosball you will ever encounter.

Richard Teasdale

Director : Editor : Writer

Richard Teasdale began telling stories as early back as his family and friends can remember. He went to UVU from 2003-2009 for Multi Media Communications with a focus on film and story telling. From 2008-2013, Richard single-handedly ran the Daily Herald's video department, acting in every capacity to crank out local news videos on a daily basis. From man on the street interviews, to sporting events, to personal stories, he gave each video their own story. In addition to multiple student films, Richard has been involved in various capacities in films such as An Evening with my Comatose Mother (2011), The System (2013), And Kiss the Devil in the Dark (2015)

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Kody Riekena

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